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Name: Michael Ollerton


P Number: P13222506




Project Title: Realistic Helmeted Character Project


Overview: The brief was to create a realistic Helmeted NPC. The specifications were for the model to be within 30,000 triangles, and 1x 2048 24 bit Targa and a 1x32 bit Targa for a alpha.


Research/Design: I began this project by doing some sketches of the idea i had for the character, but the main part of the concepting was done in zbrush. Like previous projects i created a pin board of the kinda work i want to achieve, i looked at characters that will be a bench mark for me as well as real life reference. 


Beauty Shots

I am personally a lot happier with this project than the aviator, i feel the final outcome was more accurate to my original idea, where as in the aviator i struggle with make my idea come to life with the specification of the brief. I think as a project i did a lot wrong from a workflow perspective, i spent way too long on the sculpt and left my self just about two days for texturing which was not ideal, i knew i wanted to spend a lot of time on texturing, so i wish left myself the week i intended. I learnt a lot about hard surface modeling techniques on this project and what i can do in 3 weeks. I want to practice hard surface sculpting more in the future. My next project is likely going to be the blizzard character artist brief, so the outcome should be very different to this one. 

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