About me

Hello! I am a graduate of Game Art Design at De Montfort University, where I received a first-class honour. I am Currently Working in Sheffield at Sumo Digital as a 3D Character Artist. Where I have worked on Crackdown 3, Dead Island 2, Little Big Planet and several unannounced projects.

The things I most value creating are interesting characters and creatures, which show lots of story and personality, I enjoy working in both heavily stylised and realistic art styles. I have developed a strong love for trying to convey appealing shapes and forms in both 2d and 3d art.

I am very dedicated to self-improvement and in my free time I have been taking online courses to improve my artistic skills. I am constantly trying to refine my knowledge of Shape and form, anatomy, cloth/drapery, and hair. I also attend life drawing once a week.


Software Proficiency


3Ds Max






 ToolBag 2



3D Coat


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