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Name: Michael Ollerton


P Number: P13222506




Project Title: Blizzard Character Project


Overview: The brief was to create a World of Warcraft NPC. The specifications were for the model to be under 6,000 triangles, and 1x 1024 targa.


Research/Design: I began this project by doing a lot of research into world of warcraft, i watched a few lore videos before choosing the type of character i wanted to do. I like the race dreanei and the class of monk, these two specifics dont normally go together. I made a pin board of a lot of ref then began concepting the character, i started by doing different classes for my character then itereting on them, before settling on the monk variant.  


I really tried to apply what i learnt form the aviator brief to this project, as they have simialr specifications. I think this project went pretty went and i feel i now have a grasp of pulling off stylised characters succesully now. I really enjoyed this project as well which i think i very important. I feel in terms of what i could of improved i need to work on my topology and my rigging as i still dont feel as comfortable as i would like. Overall I think this project was a success and has given me a lot think about in terms of future personal projects.

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