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Name: Michael Ollerton


P Number: P13222506




Project Title: Partly stylised Aviator Project


Overview: The brief was to create a semi stylised aviator based off a concept provided, we had to fix the anatomy and adjust the design. The specifications for this brief are the Mesh should be completed using under 7000 triangles and the model should be textured using 1 x 1024 24bit (or 1x32bit) Targa.


Research/Design: I created a lot of moodboards boards which i used constantly through the zbrush stage, i looked at certain games for inspiration, mainly dishonoured. I also create a moodboard of character artist work as a sort of bench mark for my work, and finally i had mood boards for clothing ref. 


I also put a lot of thought into a colour palette, i played around a lot with the idea of a snow variant aviator, but in the end, decided to go for a blue i liked. 

Beauty Shots

Conclusion: This project was really insightful, i learnt a lot about the character art workflow, and how to approach further character art projects and whats achievable, i also found this project very challenging in the final week, as creating a diffuse and painting light information convincingly was difficult and i feel i spent too much time on the sculpt and i should of given myself more time to nail the diffuse. As for the sculpt i am very happy with the results, and i think i improved a lot with creating characters in zbrush, i've gotten much faster. I plan to start doing zbrush sketches to practice and train myself more towards becoming a character artist and I'm am starting a Scott Eaton online course to hopefully strengthen my knowledge of anatomy. 

I did most of my designing in zbrush. I based the original base mesh sculpt on dishonored's style of female proportions which are very unaturally skinny and tall. 

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